Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I'm Making Money With YouTube Videos

Oh yeah! - My new video channel just made a whopping $0.32. That may sound facetious but it is actually a pretty big deal. I posted just a few videos for fun to go along with my Flicker account which I take a bit more serious. My 2,000,000+ views on Flicker have taken years to shoot, hours upon hours to process and post, and netted me Zero dollars. My 1,100 views on YouTube came quickly and mostly from my photography fans. I was sent an invitation from YouTube to monetize so I set it up just a few weeks ago.

To see my tiny video collection [click here]

For my much more massive photo collection [click here]

You are probably saying to yourself - Really??? To that I respond that I've been blogging since 2007 and without trying at all and barely advertising my blog, I've made over $500.00 in ad revenue. That just happens to be the exact cost of the lens I used to shoot the bulk of my photos.

I already planned going to all the events and vacation spots I shoot and write about anyway. Actually writing a blog drove me to get out of the house more than I may have been inclined to do.  A lot of folks I know have followed in my footsteps based on my photos and stories. It's nice to get a tiny bit back in the form of cash.

It would be great to shoot a video that goes viral. I'm far from that at the moment but here are my most popular videos so far. If nothing else, I sure can hold the camera steady. These were all shot with my cell phone or my Panasonic Lumix "Tough" underwater camera (which I have yet to take underwater).


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