Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Stuart Heritage Museum


It may look small from the outside but it's full of history on the inside. I have passed by the Stuart Heritage Museum a hundred times over the years. Either I'm at the wrong time, in too big a hurry, or with the wrong person. I finally timed my visit downtown to coincide with the museum's operating hours and went inside.


First surprise, it's a lot bigger than it looks from the outside. I've been in a lot of small town museums and there is not a lot to write about. This one covers the entire history of the town. In Florida that usually means a hundred years or so. Second surprise, we got a very detailed tour from a very knowledgeable staff member. About an hours worth. 


Stuart was primarily a port town and then a railroad stop. This would have been around the time my grandfather was sailing the coast. I remember him telling me stories of picking up bananas in Panama but did he also grab a load of pineapples in Florida? I'll probably never know but this would be the place to find out.


So many items in this museum were a remembrance from some point in my life. They also have a great story of buried treasure but I'll save that one for your visit.

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