Monday, September 1, 2014

Fork & Balls - Fort Lauderdale FL

 It's been a while since I've been so impressed by an eatery I felt compelled to write about it. Starting with the quirky name, Fork & Balls grabbed my attention.

I actually went a few weeks ago before they were fully open. That did not stop the lovely hostess at the front door from giving me a tour anyway. I promised I would be back and I made good on that recently.

I found this unusual level of friendliness actually extended all the way through my meal on my return trip.  I don't know when I've had better service. Granted this is a very new establishment but I have a feeling it will be this way a while. Everyone genuinely is excited about their new restaurant and it shows. That and I asked just to be sure.

So what is this place all about? Well meat balls of course. Now if you are going to primarily serve something anyone's Mamma can make them at home, you better make them a little different. Meatballs here are so different in fact, I don't know of anyone's Mamma even coming close to the flavor.

You get four of these taste explosions in a little metal pan. I up-scaled my meal with the best fried calamari I have ever experienced. It's also a good idea to toss in a nice side veggie.

I was down on Las Olas in the afternoon as I don't mind the heat as much as I mind the crowds. I was informed they don't take reservations and for a place that just opened, there is a wait in the evening. They also have music later on into the night.

I will be going back soon and with more friends. There is plenty more on the menu to try and a vast collection of beers. This may be a regular stop for me for a little while. Hope to see you there.

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