Monday, July 7, 2014

Supercon - 2014

Supercon at the Miami Beach Convention Center was my third comic book convention this year. I spent $8.00 to park, $30.00 at the gate for a one day admission. This event was a little more expensive than the last two, but a thousand times larger than both combined.

Scarlett Rose Cosplay and Shaan Prime-Time Hogan
Katniss Everdeen and Cinna from Hunger Games: Catching Fire
My guide for the previous two events, Scarlett Rose Cosplay, was busy a good part of the day with photo shoots so I was pretty much on my own this time. Typically when I attend an event like this I spend a full day, meet a lot of people, shoot around 1,000 photos. Generally make a day of it.

The Ox and friends

Even though this is my third Supercon, and it has moved to a much larger venue this year, I was still exceedingly claustrophobic. My problem. Not theirs. I actually do this event to get over my aversion to crowds. It's the people at these events that allow me to walk through the door and have such a great time. They are amazingly friendly and engaging. Everyone I came in contact with was pleasant and one of the few places can I go in South Florida were crowds of people are still polite.

Unlaced Doll
With that said I only managed a quarter of the photos I normally take but I did spend a lot of time talking, meeting new people, checking out the artwork, the vendors, and seeing friends from previous events. Even so it is quite amazing the amount of things I did not see. I never made it to a panel discussion, the signing booths, the stage with what seemed non stop entertainment. Even if I spent another full day I think I would have not even made it to the costume contest.

Pooka Machine

When I shoot at the fairs I try and include everyone or at least as many as possible. I barely even saw half this event. And figuring most of the cosplayers changed costumes several times over the 4 days I feel like I saw practically nothing. Memorable moments were watching tattoo flash created or the genius robot artwork from household items. I even saw a 3-D scanner that was taking full body scans of cosplayers to then print out as full color, 3-D figurines.

One of my highlights was to speak to Tara Cardinal. I was privileged to attend a world premier screening of her movie "Legend of the Red Reaper" earlier in the year. That's where I met her for the first time. Her story of perseverance and sacrifice in creating her film was inspiring to me. And now I hear she wants to do it again. Truly an amazing woman.

Tara Cardinal
 promoting her movie
Legend of the Red Reaper
As difficult as it was to navigate and shoot quality photos for your enjoyment, I managed a few. To see them [click here]

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