Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Florida Renaissance Festival- 2017

Back to the faire that started me on the path of super fandom.
The Florida Renaissance Festival. Since I was here last year I've been to Scarborough Texas, The Fairs in Lady of the Lake, Sarasota, Orlando, and Brevard, in Florida. In past years I've done the Fort Myers, and Gainesville faires, and even a trip to Georgia. This will always be my first though and the one I have the most friends.  I arrived on my favorite themed weekend - Time Travelers.


I was not sure I was going to make much of an appearance this year but as always - Magic happens. I spent a lot more time talking to some really great people than taking photos. When I got home I realized I mostly took photos of people I knew. There were a few I just met but this is the kind of place were friendships can be made quickly and last a lifetime.


Since this is the 25 anniversary of the festival, there was plenty of new shows to see. I tried to capture them but I will have to go back again next weekend and try a little harder.


It was also great visiting with old and new friends I met in other shows. Makes it not seem so long when you get to visit with folks you just saw up the road a few weeks ago rather than letting a full year pass by.


I have 300 more photos for those interested - Just [click here] I'm planning at least one more visit. Hope to get to the rest of the people I know. Maybe meet a few more for good measure.




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