Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bathrooms(s) Renovation - The conclusion

This conclusion coincides with the last major renovation on my project house. Three years and three months worth. It's hard to believe I now live in a completely modern and functional house with a sound roof, all the ceilings in tact, no water gushing from the walls, new and functioning appliances, and beautiful floors. I had none of those things when I bought this wreck of a house.

As I mentioned before I salvaged the cultured marble tops. They have a nice vintage look and cleaned up well. They also saved me a lot of money. My final retirement sick time/vacation payout was around $20,000 and every bit of it is in these two bathrooms.


I had CL Kitchens perform the same magic they did in my kitchen and they did not disappoint. I like a simple pattern. Even so these look elegant in my bathroom and are lightyears ahead of the mess I tore out two months ago. As nice as these look, the customer service and installation staff is even better. It was quite stressful to spend this kind of money. Installation was quick and flawless and really eased my anxiety.


Floors Direct was much the same story. I first had the old floors chipped up then had the new tile set diagonally. With two bathrooms and a walk in closet there was a thousand cuts to perform but it all came together without a hickup. The attention they paid to being neat as possible was astounding. But folks - tile work in an occupied house is dirty and messy.


I still have the floor moulding and mirrors to do. Not to mention some painting touchups. That will give me something to do next year. I lived with barely functioning bathrooms for over 3 years. Some of that time I could not even use them. Water was coming out of valves in the wrong direction and had to be temporarily patched. Chunks of tile fell off the wall. Toilets broke. I now have a 100% functional and paid off house to start my retirement with. My next goal is figuring out how to travel on a budget.

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