Monday, April 13, 2015

Autogeek Detail Fest 2015 & Car Show

I drive a 10 year old car. I would like to keep it till it's a classic but that depends on how reliable it remains. I like to get out there on the weekends and rub a little wax on it every six months or so. Maybe fill the window wash fluid. That is the extent of the maintenance I'm am able to do on it.

Back when I had my 1970 Mustang, I had a lot more fun working on cars. I can still remember setting the gap on the spark plugs and using the timing light. Now days you probably need a masters degree to open the hood latch.

I found a car very similar to the one I used to own. Sadly I took a rather poor photo of it. For the rest of the photos from this show [click here].  I am not sure how likely I am to visit more car shows in search of fond memories. It would be interesting to know if mine found life after me in whole or in parts or if it is forever lost to time.

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