Monday, December 1, 2014

Camelot Days - 2014

DSC_5128Camelot Days is my home town Renaissance festival right here in Hollywood. By the end of next year this will no longer be my home town. I won't miss the town so much as I will this festival. There are several reasons.

The location at TY Park was the start of what would become a passion for the Ren Fest style entertainment. I never would have imagined that to be the case on my first visit. I went for my daughter and found myself  caught up in a performance on stage. Not my natural state and miles outside my comfort zone. They always know how to engage the audience at these things and pick just the right person to enhance everyone's experience . At that time I considered a live event some random football game on TV. I have become much more sophisticated in my entertainment choices since. Knowing nearly every performer keeps me off the stage these days but not so great for the friends I bring on occasion.

Even though I used to go for the food, faeries, fighting, fiddlers, and fire, I find more and more I go to hang out with my friends. This was also the first faire I really started interacting with the performers and playtrons (patrons who come in costume). On a more personal level than just the minimum focal length of my lens I mean.

There are 551 photos from the event. To enjoy them, [click here]. I know the vast majority of the people in these photos and they know me as well. I was greeted by name at the ticket booth this year as well as the gate and every corner of the park. Even though this is what might be considered a small event, it is impossible to see every show in a single day. I went three days and spent so much time catching up with friends I never even saw the Joust. This is also a very kid friendly venue. I brought mine when she was six or so and she talked about it for months. Look at me - its been close to 20 years and I still talk about my first time.





  1. It always sounds like fun ... but who's the dodgy couple in the 1st pic??!!

  2. Those are actually very good friends of mine. So - That says a lot I suppose.

  3. Haha!! I thought I'd see YOU doing the fire eating??!!

  4. That's Johnny Pheonix. I bought his hot sauce. It's hotter than eating fire.