Sunday, August 3, 2014

Stuart FL Bike Ride

Festivals, events, and conventions are a great way to add color and popularity to my photos but what I like to do is get out and experience some nature. Granted a lot of it in these photos has been paved over and drastically altered. These photos are from my first real bike ride at my new house.


In total I did about 36 leisurely miles on a beach cruiser.  I was looking for a sand beach to launch my kayaks. Sure I could have asked but whats the fun in that. I knew of three boat ramp locations so I thought I would check them out.


I actually went all the way to Downtown Stuart before I decided the weather was about to close in on me. My new Panasonic Lumix is waterproof so I was not desperate to get back but Florida summer rain storms can bring fireworks and I've already experienced lighting up close and personal. Why push my luck.


This is just day one and I have miles upon miles to explore.

The rest of this set can be found if you [click here]


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